How we created our beautiful garden

How we created our beautiful garden

Our site is located at the Lembolovskaya height of the Karelian Isthmus. He is already 14 years old. Previously, there was an old forest with densely grown trees up to 30 meters high.

For two years we have been engaged in felling, stubbing, sawing and sanding logs. A house, a bathhouse, a garage were built from them. Fruit and berry trees and shrubs were planted on the vacated places.

Like all budding gardeners, we grew potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, cabbage, etc.

But every year vegetables more and more faded into the background, and floriculture, captivating, forced to give flowers and ornamental plants new and new places on the site. Since 1996, she has been purposefully engaged in landscape design.

But I really got down to it after I attended the Garden Design lecture course in 2000. From that moment on, the collection of my plants increased significantly, as conifers, ground cover and decorative deciduous plants appeared in it.

Now in the garden there are several varieties of rhododendrons, Manchurian aralia, several varieties of conifers, several varieties of roses and clematis, a large number of ornamental shrubs, etc.

Some plants were grown by me from cuttings. The site is located on the edge of the forest, and this kind of expands it spatially. During the development of our acres, birches were left, which grew along the edge of the site, which creates the impression of a single whole with the forest. Then we ourselves planted the forest spruces and pines, which I form. Over the years, deciduous trees have grown around the site, which create a microclimate and protect it from winds and dust. Thus, we got a blooming meadow in the middle of the forest.

We wanted to create a garden close to nature, so there are no ceramic and concrete slabs and paths in our dacha. But green lawns and many flowers are pleasing to the eye.

There is an alpine slide, which is made from a dump of clay soil that arose during the creation of a fire reservoir. Its height is almost one and a half meters. There are a lot of stones, which expands the possibilities of creativity and imagination. We began to master this hill eight years ago, but now I am constantly altering and replanting something there, adding new plants.

And it is no coincidence that our neighbors call our garden the "Local Botanical Garden". The territory of our site is nine acres. The house is surrounded by flower beds. There are many stones around, so not only the alpine slide, but also many other compositions are created using boulders of different sizes. Beds with herbs and vegetables are hidden behind the flower beds. We have berry bushes and fruit trees planted along the fence. The husband and son take an active part in decorating the garden.

They make furniture out of wood, chop down wattle poles and, of course, move and carry stones. But they spend most of their time building and decorating a house, a bathhouse, a garage. Since our site is extreme, and the forest is already beginning behind the fence, I planted oaks and hazel (hazel) in it.

Chestnuts also grow there from seeds collected on the Fontanka. There are many flower people in our gardening. We constantly communicate, share our knowledge, experience, exchange plants, read magazines together, exchange opinions, visit exhibitions.

Generally speaking, there are many more ideas. At our dacha, we plan to make a reservoir, build a gazebo, install lights and continue the design of a site close to the surrounding nature.

We will work hard, creating a "paradise" for the soul and for the joy of people who come to us to admire flowers and get advice on plants.

N. Golenkaya, gardener, winner of the competition

Build tall planed beds

If you have a traditional wooden house at your dacha, then high ridges of planed boards will allow you to give the site uniformity and maintain the style. From the outside, they can be painted in bright colors or retain the natural shade of natural wood.

Do not forget to impregnate the wood with special anti-fungal and protective biological agents - they will prolong the life of the structure and will not affect planting in any way.

How to create a beautiful and unusual garden

Have you become the owner of a summer cottage? Congratulations! Now you have your own piece of land, which you can arrange as you wish.

However, before acquiring the plants that you see in the pictures, you need to think carefully about what exactly you want to grow on your site, how it will be located and how it will look in adulthood.

This is very important - if annual plants or the creation of beds do not create any special problems, since they can always be removed, transplanted or transferred, then keep in mind that perennial plants generally prefer to live in one place, they do not like transplants. Therefore, you need to look for places for them right away.

Let's try to determine what steps a new landowner should take before planting purchased plants.

1. First, clearly define what kind of plants (I mean perennials) you want to see in your garden - you can even make a list. Flip through magazines, see how these plants look in adult form - that is how they will become in five years, which will pass very quickly.

Carefully study the information and think about whether you can give the selected plants as much attention as they need, whether they are suitable for your climate, whether they will be able to withstand our harsh winters? It is possible that you will decide not to cultivate some varieties - at least in the early years.

For example, at one time deciding that I would not "pull" the care of a large-leaved hydrangea, I replaced it with a tree-like and paniculate one and, I confess, I never regretted it - luxurious flower hats adorn my garden until the end of autumn, while practically all care comes down to pruning.

And I planted large-leaved hydrangeas only two years ago, when I had both the time and some experience of high-quality shelter of plants for the winter.

2. When choosing plants, do not forget that it is highly desirable to supplement any garden with conifers - without them, the compositions look unfinished, and the garden in winter is empty. And our winter lasts long enough, so you should not neglect this circumstance.

Depending on the size of the plot, you can choose from both magnificent pine trees and dwarf varieties - all of them are good and fit perfectly into any design.

3. Be sure to at least sketch out the site plan - this will help you not to overload the garden with plants. Plan where you will have a front flower garden, where paths will lay, where you will make a lawn, and where - a place to rest. The most beautiful plants should be placed where they can be clearly seen.

4. Always remember how tall the plants and flowers will be. There is no point in planting, for example, tall lilies in the foreground, and undersized host behind them. The largest plants should be located either in the background if your flower garden is bounded on one side by a wall or fence, or in the center if the flower bed is located separately.

With this in mind, initially place perennials in the flower garden so that you do not have to disturb the roots by replanting poorly placed flowers, not to mention ornamental shrubs.

The same applies to flowering - it should go in waves, some flowers should replace others, so that the flowerbed is always decorative. Plants that bloom all season are unfortunately rare, so combine them correctly. And do not forget about annual flowers, which bloom continuously and complement the composition wonderfully.

5. Provide your plants with watering - drip irrigation systems will make life much easier for you and your garden. Honestly, it was only after installing such a system that I realized how much I missed it.

The choice of irrigation systems is now large enough for every taste and budget, so that any gardener can choose the right one for his area.

6. Think about backlighting! This is especially true for bright, unusual, accent plants. They benefit greatly when placing garden lights next to them.

Take your time to acquire perennial plants and plant them haphazardly throughout the site - pretty soon you will have to transplant. Winter is ahead - it's time to think over the planting schemes, decide where and what seedlings you will acquire and make a specific plan.

Or maybe you dream of a pond? Or do you dream of a dry stream and a bridge? However, we will definitely talk about this, as well as highlighting, in one of the following publications.

Interesting crafts for giving with your own hands. Ideas and photos

Almost any owner of a private house or suburban summer cottage wants not only to use his garden for personal purposes, but also to make it elegant and efficient. There are a large number of techniques that can give a garden plot individuality and delight neighbors with their appearance. In this article, we have collected all the brightest and most interesting that you can do with your own hands. As a result, the vegetable garden, dacha and garden will look very beautiful.

What techniques to use for a bright decoration of a suburban area

Flower beds can add extra beauty and appeal to just about any home garden. In addition to traditional flower beds, in which all kinds of flowers are planted in groups or singly, you can use more original flower arrangements in decorating the garden. There are the following non-standard methods for creating flower beds from improvised means:

A flower bed made from clay pots. All that is needed for this is several clay pots of different sizes and volumes, metal rods, paint, soil and the flowers themselves. First you need to paint the pots with different bright colors of all kinds of shades. After the pots are completely dry, holes need to be made at their bottom, which in their diameter will be equal to the thickness of the rod. On the selected plot of land, you need to stick rods of different heights. Each pot should be put on a rod. Place the pots so that the large ones are in the center and the small ones are on the sides with a slope to the side. Then you need to fill the pots with soil and plant flowers. As a result of the work done, you will receive a bright floral arrangement.

Flowerbed in a pot.

A beautiful and miniature flower bed is created according to a similar principle above, in a pot. To do this, you need to take a large bright pot and a small amount of bamboo sticks. The bamboo should be positioned in the pot so that a layered structure can be obtained. From above it should be covered with soil and flowers should be planted. As a result of this work, one pot will turn into a beautiful, bright flower bed, in which different flowers will grow in the neighborhood on several levels.

Garden on the wall.

A very unusual and original method of creating flowers is their arrangement on a sheer wall. The flower wall is sure to attract the gazes of your guests and neighbors. In order to create such an interesting flower bed, you need to use wooden boards, pallets, nails, special tape, soil and the flowers themselves. As a rule, old wooden pallets are found in almost every household plot and are often not used anywhere. First, they should be slightly updated and brought into proper condition. The pallet must first be sanded and then varnished or painted. In addition, it can be decorated with beautiful patterns and decorative elements. On the wall of your choice, using construction tape or nails, you need to attach wooden boards of a certain length. Pre-prepared pallets must be attached to them. They can be attached either tightly to each other or hung on hooks. On the pallets attached along the wall, soil is poured and flowers are planted. In appearance, the wall is buried in vibrant colors.

A flower bed in a tire.

In order to decorate the garden, you will need the brightest. As a result, your summer residence will become very attractive. Planting flowers out of service car tires has long been a very popular trend among many summer residents. But it is quite possible to give a little originality and unusualness to similar flower arrangements. For example, you can paint the tires bright colors, paint beautiful patterns on them, or attach additional elements. In addition, you can create various multi-level flower arrangements in the tire, both from pots and in a pot.

Flowers in stones.

You can make an original and beautiful flower bed of flowers that will grow on boulders. To do this, you need to take stones that are original in appearance and lay them out in the form of various geometric shapes. Both large and small stones can be used. In this case, the large ones should be laid out one by one, and the small ones - in bulk. Plants are planted in the formed figures between the stones.

Fountains and reservoirs.

It is quite possible to create miniature artificial fountains and ponds on your personal plot. To organize such a pond, you will need a greenhouse film, a large tire from a tractor, stones, a shovel and water. On the site chosen for the reservoir, it is necessary to dig a small hole in which the tractor tire can be placed in the future. At the bottom of the dug hole, you need to lay the film, and fasten its edges to the upper edge of the tire and secure well. The tire should be buried so that only its surface protrudes from above, and a round hole lined with a film remains inside. Then the pit should be filled with water. If desired, you can put shells, pebbles, sand, etc. on its bottom. It is necessary to lay stones on the upper edge of the tire, which can completely cover all unnecessary things. Likewise, a body of water can be turned into a beautiful fountain. To do this, you need to buy a special device that simulates a fountain, and install it in the reservoir itself.

All kinds of shapes and devices.

Our article also contains interesting crafts for summer cottages, which can be easily made with your own hands. We offer you a photo of interesting ideas for a summer residence and a garden. Quite a popular decoration of their personal plot are original garden figures and compositions. They will help create a festive atmosphere, coziness, and just a great mood in your garden. Typically, the following options are used to decorate the garden:

a) Fairy-tale characters (gnomes, fairies, princesses), flowers, animals. These figurines can be purchased at specialty stores. But it is quite possible to make them yourself. The material for their manufacture, maybe, and metal, and wood, and gypsum.

b) Compositions made from tires. Conventional car tires, which have served their time, have long been used for the manufacture of various figures and compositions. Tires painted in bright, juicy colors are collected in the form of animals, plants, etc. With tires, you can create whole plots.

Figures from plastic and glass bottles.

Making your garden beautiful is easy. You need to turn on your imagination and create something extraordinary with the help of handy materials. Plastic and glass containers can serve as an excellent material for creating compositions of different complexity. You can use bottles of different sizes and colors.You can cut original patterns from them and create various figures. In addition, the bottles can be decorated or supplemented with all kinds of decorative items and elements.

Stone embankments.

Not only beautiful flower beds can be created from stones. They can be used by themselves. They can be used to make complex embankments and compositions, as well as create different slides and paths.

Inventory boxes.

Many gardeners and gardeners are faced with the problems of storing different garden tools (shovels, rakes, hoes, watering cans, buckets, etc.). You can cope with this problem using different pallets and boxes. Old pallets must be cleaned with sandpaper and painted with bright colors or varnished. In the resulting beautiful container, you must put all the available garden tools.

Garden tools can also be stored outdoors, such as on a wall. To do this, hooks or supports should be attached to the selected section of the wall, on which the tools will subsequently hang.

A decorative cart can become an interesting and original decoration of your personal plot. This method gives the site a rustic feel. The cart can be made from simple wood planks or from improvised means... And near the cart you can place a wooden horse, You can put various animal figures in the cart.

The location of the well in the garden is a very unconventional design solution. This structure is made of wood. Then it is varnished or painted. The more natural the well looks, the more it will attract the views of others.


A doghouse for your site can truly become a work of art. The booth can be made in the form of a castle, a hut or a tower.

The gazebo is a miniature street house. These structures are quite common decorative elements for summer cottages.

In the gazebo, you can always hide from the rain, hide from the bright sun, or just relax with the whole family. Today, there are many different types of gazebos. It usually depends on the size, style or material. If you have certain skills and you have the necessary material available, then it is quite possible to make a gazebo yourself. Gazebos can be made of various materials: wood, glass, metal, etc. If this structure is made with high quality, then it can serve you for many years. The shape of the gazebo can be very diverse - square, round, etc. as a rule, gazebos are divided into two main types:

  • Closed gazebo. Thanks to full or partial glazing, these structures can be used all year round. These gazebos are an excellent shelter from wind, rain, sun and cold.
  • Open gazebo. These structures consist of floor, roof and seating. They are mainly used in the summer, as they can only provide protection from direct sunlight or rain. Gazebos can be made in the following style:
  • Oriental. Thanks to this style, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the east. In the design of such a gazebo, a huge number of different patterns, small details and ornaments are used. The structure itself, as a rule, differs from others in its original form.
  • Classical. Classic gazebos differ from other similar structures in the clarity of the lines. Basically, they have different geometric shapes (hexagonal, quadrangular).
  • Victorian. Victorian gazebos are often painted white, creating a sense of airiness and lightness. This structure is designed with the further expectation that it will be covered with climbing plants.
  • Rustic. These gazebos are built to create a rustic atmosphere on the site. These buildings are made in the form of towers, huts, ordinary log houses, etc.
  • Forest. This gazebo is designed in a wilderness style and creates a forest atmosphere. The design of the building uses the theme of hunting and bird nests.
  • Mediterranean. This style differs from others in brightness and variety of colors. The style of this gazebo should reflect the hot summer, sea and sun. A variety of fabrics and elements can be used in its design.

Children's houses.

If the owner of a personal plot or garden has children, then the number of options for the implementation of all kinds of ideas increases. Many children like different hiding places in which they can play for a long time. Based on this, the presence of a personal house on your summer cottage, in which you can retire from adults at any time and go about your business, will appeal to every child. These houses, made of wood, turn into a real decoration for any summer cottage. The structure can be fenced off with a decorative fence. Inside the house itself, you can place benches and a table. There are the following options for children's facilities:

  • Hanging house. A small shelter, which is located on a large spreading tree. This structure can be called the most unusual and original version of a house for children. You can climb to this house by steps attached to a tree trunk or by a rope ladder.
  • The classic version. A stationary building with a door and two windows. It is the most common option for children's homes. With the help of all kinds of design solutions, you can give this structure an original look: creating various patterns, painting in bright colors, using decorative elements, etc.
  • House with an attic. In addition to the indoor space, the house may have an attic. On it you can arrange various gatherings, hide under a visor from the sun's rays or from the rain.
  • Two-storey building. A small house for children can be made with two floors. This structure will resemble a miniature copy of a real large house.

Summing up

As we already understood, there are many more options to decorate your personal plot. Indeed, to make your summer cottage look great, you should use all the brightest and most interesting in its decoration. And for you we offer a photo of these ideas. The use of all kinds of figures and decorative elements, the manufacture of beautiful and original flower beds, the construction of gazebos and houses for children, the organization of graceful fountains and reservoirs will help you create a truly unique and cozy atmosphere.

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