Tagghjate: Application for adoption of the tagghjate project

Tagghjate: Application for adoption of the tagghjate project


Application for adoption of the tagghjate project

To Mr President
of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic
Hon Matteo Renzi

[email protected]
[email protected]

Dear Mr. President,
first of all I apologize for forwarding this to a non-institutional e-mail; even if I have a certified government mailbox, I have not been able to find your corresponding address (*), but it does not matter, while I believe it does, and I wish it with all my heart, that I can still participate in what I am about to express.
I am a tenured teacher of artistic high school of subjects (pictorial disciplines), I am in love with my work and I love boys, they continually offer me a charge of vitality making me feel young like them and more and more committed to giving the best as much as teacher than as a man. Sometimes, believe me, I just can't sleep at night in order to better solve practical problems of organization / didactic insights or to reflect on any shortcomings or successes of my training action, perhaps the previous day, aware of the very delicate role performed by the specific professional. I have made many sacrifices to carry out this much desired job of mine; since I was a young boy I wanted for my future to remain in the school circuit, to offer all of myself and, today, which I already highlight the silvery signs of time, I feel that the time has come to almost leave the new generations an even more tangible testimony of a vivid experience especially of territorial identity and civic self-denial, especially referring to my homeland: the land of Puglia,Ionian land (eastern area of ​​tarantino: the small community of San Giorgio Jonico who saw me born and grow up).
I have been living in Sardinia for about twenty years, it is an enchanted land that has welcomed me into its womb and offered those professional opportunities that I so long for, and, for this, I am also infinitely grateful to the Lord God.
Here, the boys still remind me of the boy I was and maybe I still am; it's nice! Is magnificent! Certainly, my original training offered the basis for development to what was only potential in me, I recognize it, but almost by a strange fate it seems that only my current work commitment redeems (?), Or, perhaps it would be better to say, you confirm what in the beloved homeland has always been denied to me and, therefore, always remained in the state of pure intentionality: the possibility, that is, to see concretely and sincerely applied the fruits of one's specific training matured in the course of many years of studies first, and then of in-depth reflection; almost a desire to give back to society that natural undeniable commitment that every citizen of duty owes to it.
But it is not for a personal aspiration of recognition that I express these mine, on the contrary; now that the youthful moods are far away, I can truly say that I can look at reality with much more serenity of mind and sincere humility of purpose and action ._________

It was a spring Saturday in the distant and mythical 60s, the last year of middle school, and the class in protest against the headmaster's disposition that he had not granted the suspension of lessons on the feast of the patron saint (San Giorgio martyr), stirred up even by his classmates later in the years of study (...), he decided en masse to desert the lessons of the day. After a careful examination of what to do, also in order to escape the unavoidable (today, healthy) social vigilance of the village neighborhood, it was decided to spend the whole morning on the adjacent slopes of Monte Belvedere, therefore, a real picnic. It is needless to say that the direct relationship with nature, discovering in person all the environmental, historical, anthropic and landscape evidence of this site (which with its plateau at 135 meters above sea level - the last offshoot of the Taranto Murgia - constitutes a real natural balcony on the gulf of Taranto) found me continually amazed, amazed by a knowledge of the territory that the most savvy adult companions showed off in their adventure illustrations; the Monte - this is how the relief is called in the local jargon - was the place of their usual frequentations (!?).
A day, that, truly unforgettable, spent on an occasion of sincere friendship, aggregation (even if still in the aura of an enthralling "collodian"). Many were the experiences and emotions of that past, it would be worthwhile to write a good story (...), who knows if tomorrow he will not decide on it! However, around noon - also attended by the distant sound of the ancient bell tower of the mother church of the country - on the way back, when the cheerful crew passed on the west side of the hill, promptly, almost like a lookout, the most daring of the adult companions the whole imminent entrance-tour (?!) took part in the group Tagghjàte. The name was familiar to most, but in fact what they consisted of was a real mystery, as, on the other hand - I only discovered it later in the years - it was and perhaps still is for the vast majority of fellow villagers.
These are old disused tuff quarries of which I refer in detail to the document ofProposal for a project for recovery, protection and enhancement ”Notturono alle Tagghjate”Attached hereto (See).
The visit at Tagghjàte for me it turned out to be a real fall in love at first sight in a continuous wonderful unexpected crescendo. For most, after the first browse, they were almost nothing more than a pleasant place to play, jokes, away from everything and everyone, but for me that had been a true imprint of an unknown, hidden - I don't know - , something different, something strange, readily participated in my close friend of all time, even if, to tell the truth, he was not always completely captivated by my fascination. I omit every other detail of the events and the conclusion of the excursion (? 1) as well as the inevitable right consequences and concern of adults both in family and school referee (...).


That experience - specifically referring to Tagghjàte - from that moment it was a hidden dream of mine, a hoped-for horizon albeit, at the time, remained momentarily in the context of a cognitive life suspension, a reference to more mature formative times capable of being able to offer, if necessary, a valid clarification of that " primum movens ". The artistic high school studies first and those of the Academy then, as well as the subsequent experiences and other in-depth reflections, have given the "the" to social solicitations aimed at spreading-developing awareness of the value brought byTagghjàte, of this historical, landscape, environmental and cultural asset (for each specific consideration, reference is made to the aforementioned document of the project proposal for recovery, protection and enhancement).

My forced choice of life far from the places of origin and the disconcerting observation of the persevering social oblivion towardsTagghjàte, of their degradation and abandonment and of the increasingly urgent and unavoidable need to recover, safeguard and enhance them - perhaps involving the world of cultural and environmental associations, private citizens and local and non-local institutions - and, even more, the distortion of information found on the problem itself, now also abundantly spread by the enormous possibilities offered by the web and its reckless use often far from the real instances of research-restitution of an identity that a community has lost, prompted the writer, in October 2013 (formalization via E-PEC dated 09 / X / 2013 and following), to propose to the local institutional body (Municipality of San Giorgio Jonico) a project for the recovery ofTagghjàte, a project that respects environmental, cultural and landscape issues (See, attached file-Proposal).

To date, having not yet received any feedback from the said institutional territorial body - albeit in the context of a "Proposal" offered in a completely free form - without the request for any financial consideration (See, document) -


to your sensitivity, Mr. President, because you want to accept, "adopt", directly under the aegis of the Government of the Italian Republic, the aforementioned "Proposal" project, given also the political commitment that this central institution has taken for the Ionian area in the context of the various possible territorial tasks other than redemption rather than the sole exclusive ILVA monoculture.

Therefore, this is a request to make the aforementioned "Proposal" its own, perhaps by resorting to the most qualified competent planning-technical-operational support of your office.

Finally, it is advisable to view the entire "Project proposal" even where the strictly technical aspect ("Second part" of the Project document) may, of necessity, seem more pedantic, while, instead, it is possible to internal, to derive hints of direct impact on the territory in terms of new diversified productivity / employment that a desirable constituting "Tagghjàte Park"Would guarantee and, more extensively, a rethinking in terms of" area "of the neighboring territories of the entire orographic evidence of Monte Belvedere (municipality of San Giorgio Jonico), Monte Sant'Elia (municipality of Roccaforzata) and Montedoro-Monte Sant'Angelo (municipality of Faggiano) in their respective historical-anthropic, landscape and environmental values ​​(See, other attached file:Metamorphosis of the imaginary of the ruins, from the Tagghjate park to the Belvedere area, of 29 June 2013 - at the time attended by Messrs. Mayors of the aforementioned territorial communities).

In thanking you in advance for the attention you would like to devote to the present, I offer you, Mr. President, my best regards and best wishes for a fruitful new year.

ORISTANO, 01 January 2015

(Prof. Giovanni CARAFA)

(*) In reality, only at the last moment, just before proceeding with the forwarding, did I become aware of the institutional E-PEC to which this is now addressed; in fact, however, I still have problems in the transmission, despite the valuable collaboration of your Secretariat and the Center of Messages of this Presidency, it seems that my certified government mailbox open toItalian post involve ... what? ... I don't know: every time when I send it, the writing in red appears: "recipient [email protected] not admitted". Therefore, I am not sure that this corpus-documents will reach you - I will try in various ways; I apologize in advance.

(for any communication)

Prof. Giovanni Carafa

cell ...
email: [email protected]
PEC email: [email protected]

PS., In addition to the files listed below, for strictly technical transmission reasons, I will proceed, with another separate submission, to produce a supplementary corpus of no. 15 (fifteen) files-photos relating to the significant evidence of the Tagghjàte Sangiorgesi in order to make a more immediate reading, also visual, of the value of the same.

  • File (the present) - Artistic operator Prof. Giovanni CARAFA: "Application for adoption of the project proposal for tourism enhancement-promotion of the cultural and environmental asset consisting of the complex of disused tuff quarries called with the dialectal term of "Tagghjate", located in the territory of San Giorgio Jonico (Taranto), downstream of the western slope of the mountain Belvedere extending along the SP nr. 109 San Giorgio Jonico-Pulsano ”directed to the illustrious Mr.President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, HonMatteo Renzi;

  • File - Artistic operator Prof. Giovanni CARAFA: "Project proposal of intervention of tourist enhancement-promotion of the cultural and environmental asset consisting of the complex of disused tuff quarries called with the dialectal term of "Tagghjate", located in the territory of San Giorgio Jonico (Taranto), downstream of the west slope of Monte Belvedere extending along the SP nr. 109 San Giorgio Jonico-Pulsano ”of 20 September 2013 - formalization to local territorial bodies through E-PEC of 09/10/2013 and following;
  • Nr. 4 (four) files of “Tavv. graphics "integrative_progettuali - Prof. Giovanni CARAFA: "Project proposal for the Proposal of intervention for tourism enhancement-promotion of the cultural and environmental heritage consisting of the complex of disused tuff quarries called with the dialectal term of" Tagghjate ", located in the territory of San Giorgio Jonico (Taranto ), downstream of the western slope of Monte Belvedere extending along the SP nr. 109 San Giorgio Jonico-Pulsano ":
    • (File-Tav. 1) - Graphic diagram of the "Path" and the relative "Signical Evidences";

    • (File-Tav. 2) - Graphic diagram of the "Equipment areas": wooden works to be built;

    • (File-Tav. 3) - Graphic diagram of the "Raw material storage-procurement points": timber;

    • (File-Tav. 4) - Graphic diagram of the positioning of the "light-points": lighting system;

  • "List "of 15 files-photos Tagghjàte (San Giorgio Jonico - TA) which with subsequent separate transmission will be sent (as a further additional document to the Recovery Project Proposal, safeguards enhancement ofTagghjàte);
  • Text-fileMetamorphosis of the imaginary of the ruins, from the Tagghjate park to the Belvedere area", of 29 June 2013 (as a further additional document to the Recovery Project Proposal, safeguards enhancement of theTagghjàte).=

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