Indoor plants on O

Indoor plants on O

The Wanda Orchid is a love-at-first-sight plant. Few people manage to resist and not bring home this exotic miracle with huge and fragrant flowers of various shades!

You can grow vanda at home in three ways: in a substrate, in special baskets and in glass vases. Florists rightly consider the third option to be the most spectacular. But you should still focus on the features of a particular apartment: lighting, temperature regime, interior, in the end.

With proper care, the vanda orchid blooms several times a year.

How can this be achieved? What lighting errors prevent the vanda from blooming even once? Why is it important to know when a wanda is "breathing"? When does a plant need a 20 minute bath? How to grow a Vanda “the Dutch way”? We will tell you in our material.

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