Assembling a gazebo with a barbecue

Assembling a gazebo with a barbecue

Gazebos with barbecue, barbecue, stove: beautiful projects for your site (40 photos)

If you came to this page, then you are interested in gazebos with barbecue (barbecue or stove). Perhaps you are planning to build a similar structure on your site and are looking closely. Or just look for the most beautiful and successful architectural solutions.

We have tried to cover the largest possible number of gazebos for different tastes in order to acquaint you with both old and modern design solutions.

All photos are divided into categories (the content of the article is presented below). Therefore, you can immediately choose the gazebos that interest you, or just twist the article and flip through the photos.

In some places, comments and explanations will be given to a particular structure.

I would like to clarify that a brazier, barbecue and a stove in gazebos most often represent a single stove complex that combines all three formats of cooking in one. Options are possible when the brazier, barbecue or oven just stands separately.

Barbecue oven masonry

The barbecue oven has a good chimney, grill grates, special side supports that practically do not heat up during frying and have versatility. All parts of the barbecue are reliably and efficiently fastened together with a strong clay mortar based on clay and sand and a cement mortar based on cement and sand.

The furnace itself, its furnace part and the chimney are fastened with clay mortar and made of bricks. The base of the barbecue is folded on cement mortar with a height of 70-80 cm. A niche for firewood can be placed in the base.

Then the chimney and the furnace part are laid out. These barbecue parts are made of bricks and mud. The bricks should be laid along the base of the oven so that it protrudes one third of the brick. This is done in order to further surround the barbecue oven with decorative stone. The depth of the furnace will be approximately 3-4 bricks, and the width will be 6-7 bricks.

After the completion of the construction of the firebox, it is necessary to start laying the chimney. With such a laying, brick should be laid not with end faces, but with front wide, that is, flat. This masonry is done, like the furnace part, on clay mortar. In the chimney, it is imperative to lay out a damper to regulate the draft.

The back wall of the chimney should be laid with a bend, this will also increase the draft. On one side, you can make a masonry of a semicircular niche for placing a faucet with a sink and buckets of water in it. This niche can be equipped with doors. Next to the barbecue oven in the gazebo, you can comfortably place a table for cutting food.

Barbecue assembly and design styling

After the Japanese-style roof is made, the floor is laid. In advance, you should make a small base for the barbecue, which will be located in the center of the gazebo. The layout of the barbecue itself is carried out using bricks. The upper part can be laid out with stylized tiles. Be sure to tie it additionally around the perimeter with metal corners. After completing the assembly of the barbecue, you can proceed to fixing the floor boards and painting them, varnishing. It is better to make the floor in the gazebo dark brown: it will perfectly match both the main red color and the dark green shade of the roof.

New generation modular barbecues

Grill complexes RAUT is a system of modular barbecue complexes that for the first time blurs the line between a barbecue complex and kitchen furniture. The presence of a whole line of base cabinets (from 20 to 120 cm wide) with storage shelves and drawers, as well as a granite worktop, turn our complex into a complete furniture, ergonomic and functional. This is much more convenient than a single grill or barbecue. And, of course, it gives aesthetics and a finished look to the whole structure.

The grill-barbecue in the RAUT complexes is equipped with a grill grate and a frame for skewers, which can be easily fixed in 8 levels, which gives a great opportunity to the cook: from frying steaks over an open fire to simply keeping ready-made meat warm. The removable grill cover multiplies the number of dishes that can be cooked over the fire. For example, you can bake pizza on the grill. The hood-smoke collector above the grill has a branch pipe for connection to a standard stainless steel. chimney.

With the help of modular barbecue complexes, you can fully equip a summer kitchen or barbecue area in the gazebo or on the terrace near the house. Moreover, the Customer, at will, chooses a complete set, which is convenient for him.

You can order grill ROUT

  • The barbecue complexes are based on the RAUT grill-barbecue, lined with fireclay bricks, which will allow you to cook dishes both on coal and wood.
  • The RAUT barbecue grill is equipped with a grill grate and a frame for skewers, which are easily fixed in special holders, providing 8 levels of frying. There are convenient systems for rotating skewers and an easily removable grill lid.
  • Also in the line of ovens in our complexes there is a separate oven for a cauldron and a wood-burning hearth oven for pizza, pies and baking meat and other dishes.
  • The lightweight design of modular barbecue complexes based on a metal frame and modern thermal insulation materials will make it possible to do without an expensive concrete foundation, they are mounted even on wooden floors and decking.
  • Rout barbecue complexes are assembled mechanically, without water-based adhesives, which ensures easy installation all year round, both in summer and winter.
  • The ability to connect to a standard stainless steel chimney allows you to use RAUT grills not only in the open area, but also in the gazebo, under the roof. The assembly of the complex using modular technology takes 1-3 days.
  • The RAUT barbecue grill with additional options and the oven for the cauldron provide ample opportunities for the preparation of traditional and exotic dishes. Also, like all global manufacturers, our wood-burning grill has a grill cover. This allows you to bake meat and fish, as in the oven, and for those who love, and smoke food using a smoking pipe directly on the grill.
  • Finishing with natural stone, marble, granite or modern decorative panels, as well as a large selection of colors, will satisfy true connoisseurs of beauty.
  • removable grill cover
  • holders for 8 frying levels
  • comfortable frame for a cauldron
  • grilled pizza
  • organizer for skewers
  • convenient storage system

You can ask questions about RAUT grills by phone: 8 (495) 532-48-72

Live tasty! Invite your friends to the ROUTE!

Construction of a gazebo

Self-construction has both advantages and disadvantages.

  • The first and most important thing for many is budget savings. Ordering the construction of a country gazebo in a construction company will cost you the cost of materials. That is, building with your own hands is twice as profitable.
  • The second advantage is quality control, it's not for nothing that we say: "If you want to do well, do it yourself."

The disadvantages, no doubt, we will attribute huge time costs. Also, it is not recommended to take on brickwork without skill, so this material will not be available to us in the absence of experience with it. In general, the main drawback of building on your own, as a rule, is a lack of experience, therefore, if you decide to build yourself, collect as much information as possible on the Internet, chat with neighbors who have already implemented their pavilion with a barbecue.


Pay close attention to the foundation, its choice and depth are determined by the terrain, as well as the size and weight of the future building. Remember that when erecting a furnace, a separate reinforced concrete foundation is needed for it. The stove is carbon dioxide and fire, think about the correct arrangement of the chimney and ventilation. Fire safety is also a very important factor that cannot be neglected. Avoid styrofoam insulation, it is better to use non-combustible mineral wool.

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