I introduce myself are natural uranium

I introduce myself are natural uranium


I introduce myself are natural uranium

For a few months now I have been on everyone's lips, almost as if they had only just discovered me and I am being told of everything, good and bad.

But I have existed for more than four billion years (century plus, century less) and I am amazed at such a stir!

Have you ever wondered why the heart of the Earth has such a high temperature? In part it is due to the enormous energy that I release, together with my children, in decaying into other more stable elements until I become the very common lead!

And then they are everywhere: thanks to my very "sociable" character, I combine with almost all the other natural elements forming salts, oxides and minerals (more than 150 known ones) in fact in small quantities I am part of many rocks of the earth's crust and I am in constant motion between them and then I easily move from the mineral world to the biological one.

To those who indiscriminately accuse me of being too "fiery", exactly radioactive, I would like to clarify one thing: I am composed of three different parts with different weights, one of 238 atomic units, another of 235 and the last of 234, but given the percentages in abundance we can approximate by saying that I am almost entirely composed of 238 with traces of 235, and it is the latter that is very radioactive, so much so that it is used in the energy sector as nuclear fuel both in civil and military. So my energetic wealth is kept in 235, and when they deprive me of it I remain mostly made up of 238, thus being called depleted uranium.

In this state my radioactivity decreases (it does not disappear!), But it is much lower than that emitted for example by radon22 or potassium40 of which strangely we still do not talk about it (but their turn will also come!), Which contribute together with the rays cosmic and others, to constitute what is called "natural background radiation".

In any case, what little release is easily shielded, so much so that in the civil industry there are hundreds of patents that use them, from the keels of ships to playing darts or golf clubs!

What worries me most is the abuse in the military sector as the soul of bullets and the like: thus dispersed in the environment (after the bombings) it is dangerous for the populations who return to live in those places and not only for them but also for the environment, with its delicate ecosystems, and for the aquifers that can transport me even far from the strictly affected areas.

Not to mention my toxic aspect as a heavy metal: I am very dangerous if ingested or inhaled and in this case I also carry out my radioactivity from within the human body, often causing irreversible damage.

I hope that those who have planned this war use have also thought about the urgent and necessary reclamation to be done in those areas, and did not think that the passage of time will fix all things, because I live for another billion years, but do not give me one fault.


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