Instructions for the use of Kemir fertilizer

Instructions for the use of Kemir fertilizer

Kemir fertilizer is very popular today. During its existence, it has received the highest awards of gardeners and gardeners. It can be both universal and specialized, aimed at certain cultures. The information should be carefully read from the packaging and used for its intended purpose. Only then will the properties of the composition increase the yield of a particular cultivated plant.

Composition and purpose of kemira

Universal preparations (station wagon, station wagon-2, luxury) are intended for autumn and spring use as a feed for any cultivated plants, shrubs and fruit trees. The rest of the specialized tools must be used for their intended purpose. The universal complexes include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other components. Whereas the luxury variety has a higher content of these trace elements.

Potato Kemira will allow not only to collect a higher yield, but will also enable the tubers to survive longer. Fertilizer can be used not only during planting, but also during the growing season.

Kemira flower significantly affects the growth of indoor plants. The leaves become more saturated in color and such plants bloom longer. This balanced formula is recommended for use in spring and summer for replenishment. But often fertilizing the soil is not worth it. This can harm the plant.

Dissolving, the fertilizer saturates the soil with useful microelements, which contribute to the growth and increase in crop yields. If dry granules are introduced into the soil, then everything is abundantly filled with water. Then the substance will disintegrate faster and enrich the land plot with its composition.

Advantages and Disadvantages Compared to Other Means

The positive qualities of kemira include:

  • increasing crop yields by almost 30 percent;
  • increasing plant resistance to fungal and viral diseases;
  • the absence of harmful components (chlorine and other heavy metals) allows us to guarantee the environmental friendliness of the grown fruits;
  • if you follow the rules for storing fertilizer, it can be stored for a long time;
  • balanced feeding does not lead to depletion of the land. Moreover, there is an increase in the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil;
  • versatility. It can be used for greenhouse plants, house flowers and outdoor;
  • helps to increase the resistance of plants to sharp temperature changes, characteristic of early spring.

Most gardeners say that this fertilizer is excellent, and no shortcomings have been found in the process of its use. Is that the observance of safety measures for humans.

Instructions for use

Fertilizer can be used both dry and diluted in water. At the same time, the granules are evenly distributed during the spring digging of the land, even before the crops are planted. In this case, it is important to make abundant watering afterwards. This is the only way to ensure the necessary dissolution of the composition.

Most gardeners recommend applying kemir preparations to the soil in the form of a solution.

The ratio of water and fertilizer will depend on the type of fertilizer complex. So, Kemiru Lux can be used in a greenhouse, diluting 20 g of the composition in 40 liters of water, and in an open area, doubling the fertilizer concentration. Kemira plus needs 20 g per bucket of water. But do not worry, this information must be indicated on the packaging. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions for use.

Timing and method of spraying plants

Kemir fertilizer is recommended to be used in diluted form as foliar feeding of seedlings. It can be applied both on open land plots and in a greenhouse. Moreover, in the second case, the concentration of the drug decreases slightly. You should read about all the features and proportions of dilution of the composition on the package. Since various varieties of kemira may differ in the available microelements, or rather in their percentage.

Kemiru can be applied in the spring to the soil when digging. But this will waste a lot of fertilizer. This is not rational. Better to water the seedling bushes in place. The effect will be better.

Most often, top dressing is applied no later than the growing season and no more than 10 days.

Security measures

Since kemira is a fertilizer of chemical origin, it is important to observe safety measures when working with it. In this case, it is necessary to avoid getting the solution and the granules themselves on the surface of the skin and in the eyes. If this happens, it is recommended to rinse the area with plenty of water. At the end of the work, hands are thoroughly washed with soap.

As means of protection, it is advised to use rubber gloves for the hands and goggles with transparent glasses for the eyes.

Compatibility with other drugs

To check the compatibility of Kemira with other drugs, it is recommended to carefully study their instructions and composition. Although most often, it is possible to apply kemira with other fertilizers at the same time. But does it make sense? She is already nutritious enough. Plus, this preparation does not contain heavy microelements, does not entail the accumulation of nitrates in fruits and tubers.

First aid for poisoning

Poisoning by any chemical compound is considered dangerous to humans. He experiences abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. In this case, it is important to call an ambulance and take the person to fresh air.

It is recommended to give the victim to drink about three glasses of water with soda in the ratio of one teaspoon of soda to one glass of water. If there is no gagging, they need to be caused by placing a finger under the root of the tongue.

Fertilizer storage conditions

In principle, a hermetically sealed product can be stored for about five years. As a solution, Kemira should be used immediately. You can't stand it for a long time, and then bring it into the soil.

The use of Kemira fertilizer will significantly increase the yield of a land plot so that it does not grow on it. Plus, the plants become stronger and more resistant to lower temperatures and various diseases. This means that there will be more fruits and they will taste better. The main thing is to follow all safety rules when using the composition. Because chemical ingredients can play a bad trick on you.

Kemira compound fertilizer is an excellent option for plant nutrition

Many summer residents and gardeners use Kemir's complex fertilizer to feed plants. The drug includes all the necessary elements necessary for the full flow of the most important processes.

Fertilizer Kemir is well known to most gardeners. A complex product for plant nutrition appeared in Russia in the 90s. Both universal and targeted nutritional formulas are produced under this brand. Kemir's products come in the following varieties:

  • station wagon
  • station wagon-2
  • luxury
  • a plus
  • autumn
  • floral
  • potato
  • lawn.

Most fertilizers are suitable for all types of plants. For example, Kemira Lux, Kemira Universal. There are also drugs of a narrower application. Fertilizer is in the form of granules. They have a balanced composition of nutrients and dissolve easily in water. Kemir's products do not contain such a harmful component as chlorine. Heavy metals, which have a negative impact on human health, are practically not used. Or they are in small doses to ensure the normal development of plants. Useful elements are in an easily digestible form.

Complex fertilizer can be used to feed trees, shrubs, fruits and berries, vegetables, any flowers. It has a beneficial effect on the growth, flowering, and further development of plants. The water-soluble fertilizer is suitable for open and protected ground, as well as for indoor flowers. Kemir's product has the following effects on cultivated flora:

  • strengthens plants
  • increases the yield
  • does not cause the deposition of nitrates in plants
  • promotes better storage of the crop.

Fertilizer Kemira wagon and luxury: composition, scope, instructions

Kemira lux - minerals in the complex, which were produced for the first time in Finland. The world saw them for the first time twenty years ago. In our country, only recently began to produce licensed Kemira luxury. If we compare the domestic product and the Finnish one, then they are no different from each other.

In its composition, Kemira Lux has everything necessary for the life support of the plant.... It contains both macro and microelements. The composition includes: selenium and magnesium boron and manganese sulfur and zinc molybdenum and copper. Unlike other products, Kemir universal fertilizer does not contain chlorine, which is important for fruitful cultivation. Kemir fertilizer is produced in standard packaging, in granules. In accordance with the direction of feeding, Kemira Lux is produced in special batches. The weight of the bag will directly depend on the area of ​​its application, be it vegetables or plants.

  1. For flowers, fertilizer is packaged in bags weighing up to 50 grams.
  2. For gardeners, you can buy large packages up to 5 kilograms.
  3. Large farms buy bags of up to 40 kilograms each.

In addition, the manufacturer produces fertilizer as a liquid solution. The versatility of the product lies in the fact that it can be added both dry and liquid... Before purchasing this product, you need to read the instructions for use of the fertilizer.

Kemir fertilization types

Both the Finnish and the domestic manufacturer have released a specialized product line. Depending on the area of ​​application there are several types of product.

  • Flower preparation. Ideal for annual and perennial plantings. Allows to achieve rapid growth in a short time. It is used during the cultivation of seedlings, as well as after planting flowers from spring to autumn. The advantages of the product include the duration of flowering and the saturation of flowering with bright colors.
  • Kemir fertilizer for grass. Grass fertilizer provides the ability to germinate grass on a lawn or lawn. The mineral complex improves grass growth and density. It is recommended to use kemir after the procedure - grass mowing.
  • Universal is a complex of vitamins used for a variety of artisanal plants and many others. But it can also be used in the processing of berry plants, as well as for growing vegetables.
  • Coniferous is a highly targeted complex for the germination of all conifers. Ideal for spruce and pine trees.
  • Autumn is a seasonal complex of minerals that is used to prepare roots for the winter period. But it can also be used for a variety of flowers and other plants.
  • Potato kemira helps to increase the percentage of potassium in potatoes. Potatoes are processed before planting. Due to the unique composition, using kemir, tubers are practically not susceptible to diseases during their growth. Thanks to this fertilizer, the fertility of the crop can be increased by 40%.
  • Kemir lux can be purchased both in granules and in liquid form - solution. This complex is ideal for all possible applications. They can process both vegetables, berries and plants.
  • Combi - this fertilizer is available in powder form. Suitable for all types of plants.
  • Hydra is a product that can be used in hydroponics. It contains, with the exception of potassium. Excellent results can be obtained by using it in open areas, as well as in greenhouse conditions. It is worth noting that in addition to these nine main product lines, you can purchase highly specialized formulations for a specific vegetable or berry.

Benefits of using the product and the composition of Kemir

The main direction of the drug is to increase the immunity of plants.... When using it, resistance to disease-causing infections can be increased. In addition, it is worth highlighting the equally important advantages of feeding.

  • Environmental friendliness. The final product as a result of processing does not have any harmful substances in its composition.
  • It can be used for a long time.
  • Regular use of the product does not allow the soil to deplete.
  • Wide range of applications. It can be used for seedlings and indoor flowers at the same time. Provides the duration of flowering plantings.
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations. Prevents the accumulation of harmful substances.

Instructions for the use of various types of kemir

As mentioned above, Kemir is a universal fertilizer that is used both in granules and in solution. Each product has its own instructions for use.... Consider the basic rules for using fertilizer.

  • It is best to lay the granular form of release inside the well. This should be done when planting plants.
  • Avoid contacting seedlings and fertilizers. It is best to lay the granules away from the root system of the plant.
  • All conditions for the preparation of top dressing must be observed. For potatoes, a complex of vitamins is better laid at the rate of 15–20 grams in each hole.
  • It is best to use fertilizing and watering at the same time, preferably drip.
  • Re-watering with fertilizer is best done after seven days.
  • In order to qualitatively grow lettuce leaves and other greens, the use of kemir is necessary. One square meter of the garden bed accounts for 80 grams of the product. Kemir is best scattered into the beds, and then embedded in the soil. After, pour abundantly.
  • For vegetable crops, the use of kemir increases by twenty grams per square meter. In the same way, it is worth combining watering and the use of kemir.
  • If fertilizer is used in liquid form, it must first be diluted with water, according to the instructions for use. First, the bed is watered abundantly, and then treated with kemir. Next, fill it with water again.

A universal fertilizer, this is undoubtedly Kemir... Today this fertilizer is considered one of the best. Before opting for any of the above products, you need to familiarize yourself with the product options and instructions for use. Only then will the kemira undoubtedly benefit your future harvest.

Varieties of mineral preparation

The production produces different types of fertilizers:

  1. Fine crystalline powder.
  2. Granules.
  3. Concentrated solution.

Methods and time of application, dosage and exact composition are indicated on the Fertika fertilizer package in the instructions for use. Different types of feeding were compiled taking into account the needs of certain plants.

The universal complex is suitable for vegetable and fruit crops, garden and indoor flowers, conifers, berries and root crops.


The high cost of this drug pays off with its economical consumption and the most balanced composition. Fertika-Lux fertilizer stimulates the growth of seedlings of vegetable crops and flowers, promotes rooting after transplanting into open ground or a greenhouse. Also, a complete analogue of the fertilizer "Kemira-Lux" prolongs the flowering of indoor, balcony and garden flowers.


This type of fertilizer is additionally enriched with sulfur and magnesium, which is necessary for the growth of tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, beets and other vegetable crops on sandy soils and loams. Reduces soil acidity.

Station wagon

The spectrum of action of the Fertika-Universal preparation is the same as that of the Kemira-Universal fertilizer. It dissolves well in water, which allows it to be used for root dressing and spraying of all types of plants. Included in the composition of selenium increases the sugar content of fruits and the content of vitamins in them.


The preparation for autumn application is characterized by a small amount of nitrogen and an abundance of phosphorus and potassium, which helps plants prepare for winter, improving winter hardiness. Embedding in soil in near-stem circles stimulates the setting of fruit buds for the next harvest. Top dressing of berries and ornamental perennials contributes to abundant fruiting and flowering in the coming season.


The specially developed preparation Fertika (Kemira) flower has a beneficial effect on garden and indoor flowers. After fertilization, the inflorescences become larger, brighter and more colorful, the flowering time increases. The leaves become more intensely colored. Top dressing is carried out in spring and summer with dry granules, followed by loosening of the soil and watering the plants, or a ready-made solution is applied at the root.

We should also mention such a kind of flower fertilizer as Agro Fertika for Roses. The purpose of the drug is easy to understand from the name. Used dry and liquid, it promotes healthy growth and abundant, long-lasting flowering. The agricultural product helps plants to get stronger before wintering.


For lawn grasses it is recommended to use the Fertika lawn granulated complex. The balanced composition has a prolonged effect, promotes the rapid build-up of dense green mass and strengthens the roots of herbs. In the spring, when laying a lawn, the drug is mixed with the soil before planting. In summer, it is applied after mowing the lawn grass with subsequent watering.


The fertilizer is specially designed for conifers and plants that love acidic soil. Spring application of dry granules of the preparation to the planting hole or to the near-trunk circle is recommended, which stimulates the growth of young seedlings. For adult conifers, a water-soluble form of fertilizer is used. Magnesium, sulfur and iron included in the composition help evergreens to acquire a rich color of needles.

For potatoes

The increased content of potassium in the preparation "Fertika (Kemira) potato" allows the tubers to actively develop and increases their shelf life. For the prevention of diseases and better absorption of nutrients, magnesium and sulfur are added to the fertilizer.

Varieties of mineral complexes

Quite often, gardeners call this fertilizer Fertika, because it is the same product with the same composition and properties. The main line includes specially developed formulations that can be used for feeding various crops (ordinary vegetables, lawn grass, flower beds). Depending on the scope of application it is necessary to choose the most suitable option:

  • Kemir's lawn fertilizer. The packaging gives an excellent result throughout the season, provided that the lawn or lawn is fed on time. The unique composition helps to improve the growth and density of the grass. It is used exclusively after mowing the grass, randomly, with a mandatory rake around the entire perimeter.
  • Flower Kemira. This fertilizer is intended for good growth of flowers (both annual and perennial). It is used during the cultivation of seedlings indoors, as well as after planting in a permanent place. The mineral complex extends the flowering period several times, saturates the flower stalks with bright shades.
  • Kemira for conifers. it specialized complex, which was developed for feeding elite plants (junipers, thujas, ornamental pines and spruces).
  • Fertilizer Kemira Universal. This remedy belongs to balanced complexes, which are intended for feeding garden trees and shrubs, as well as conifers. It is often used to activate the rapid growth of young seedlings, vegetables and strawberries.
  • Fertilizer Kemira Lux. It is produced in the form of a solution and in dry granules. Ideal for processing all types of vegetables, fruits and berries that are grown at their summer cottage. The composition includes wide list useful elements that are necessary for good crop growth. Can be used to feed indoor plants and young seedlings. Kemira Lux is considered a unique remedy with a quick effect. All useful substances begin to actively act immediately after entering the ground.
  • Kemira Autumn. Used for the last stage of plant nutrition before the onset of cold weather. In dosage form, it can be applied not only under trees and shrubs, but also under perennial flowers (even bulbous).
  • Kemira Kombi. Today it is available in the form of a pink powder that dissolves easily in water. All components of the dressing are well absorbed by the plants. Can be used for all types of garden and horticultural crops that are grown in the open field or in the greenhouse. Fertilizer gives good results on alkaline soil, as it does not contain calcium.
  • Kemira Hydro. This is another type of mineral fertilizer that is well absorbed by plants. It contains all useful trace elements, except for calcium. Top dressing is most suitable for use in hydroponics.

When choosing the most suitable fertilizers, it is important to take into account that recently, certain types of fertilizers have appeared on the market, which are intended for certain crops. For example: you can buy a mineral complex only for tomatoes, beets or cucumbers.

Feedback on application

Reviews of mineral fertilizer "Kemira Lux" are extremely positive. According to the testimony of gardeners, his practice allows:

  • increase the yield and quality of the products obtained
  • increase the safety of the crop in the case of long-term storage, improving keeping quality
  • simultaneously add all the nutrients necessary for full development
  • strengthen plants, increasing their resistance to disease and weather changes
  • use in various cultivation technologies and on any crops
  • prevent soil depletion.

At the same time, all gardeners note that this fertilizer has a safe and at the same time effective composition, does not contain salts of heavy metals, and does not create conditions for the accumulation of nitrates. It can be easily and for a long time stored unopened, freely sold in retail networks and in online stores, has a practical packaging and a convenient release form, and is simple and understandable to use.

More details on the features of using this fertilizer and reviews about it can be found by watching a special video.

Instructions for use

Kemir's preparations are used both in dry form, and aqueous solutions are also prepared. It is convenient to use granules in spring before planting, followed by digging up the earth. When feeding already planted crops in this way, abundant watering of the soil should be carried out. Diluted fertilizer is preferred. In this form, trace elements are better absorbed by plants. Instructions for use are attached to each type of feeding.

Kemira Lux is used for greenhouse plantings by preparing solutions. It is enough to use 20 grams of fertilizer per 30–40 liters of water. For open ground, a more concentrated composition is used. When preparing a solution, 20 grams of a nutritious product is diluted with 20-30 liters of liquid. In greenhouses, feeding is carried out weekly. Open ground is treated once every two weeks.

The drug Kemira Plus is used both for root feeding and for surface feeding. To enrich the soil with nutrients, this product is diluted with water according to the following scheme: 20 grams of the product is dissolved in 10 liters of liquid. Fertilizer is used once a week. Foliar top dressing is carried out using a sprayer. To do this, it is enough to dilute 10 grams of fertilizer in 10 liters of water.

When working with fertilizer, all necessary safety measures are observed. Gloves must be used. Protect your eyes and skin. If the granules or solution gets on the skin, rinse the area with plenty of water. After work wash your hands with soap and water.

Kemir's product is really effective on plants. The balanced composition allows you to get a yield increase of up to 30%. Cultivated plants become stronger and more resilient. All substances in the fertilizer are in an accessible form. This allows them to be easily absorbed by plants. Moreover, the accumulation of nitrates does not occur.

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