Olive tree loses bark

Olive tree loses bark

Question: Olive tree loses bark

I bought two olive trees to beautify my home and I realized that one of the two olive trees, which should be at least seventy years old, has the bark peeling off the trunk and comes off easily, and compared to the other it has a less luxuriant appearance, what can have and how can I cure it.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Answer: Olive tree loses bark

Good morning Fausto and thank you for choosing our website and its question and answer service once again. The olive tree is a plant perfectly adapted to the Mediterranean climate, cultivated practically throughout the coastal area of ​​the peninsula and also in the innermost areas where the climate is milder, such as near lakes.

A very frequent mistake that is made with the olive tree, a mistake we have already talked about several times on our site, is planting this plant too low in relation to the ground. The olive tree is a plant that must be planted high because it suffers very strongly from soil moisture and water stagnation in the collar area. Often it is enough to have planted the olive tree even a few centimeters too low to have negative effects on the health of the plant. The olive tree can begin to lose its leaves, to lose pieces of bark from the stem, in short, to visibly lose vigor just because it has been planted too low.

Planting an olive tree with a high collar is also important because the transplantation of individuals having a certain number of years is always a risky operation that is recovered from the plant in a rather long period and therefore it is always better to carry out this operation as few as possible. times possible.

The operation that we advise you to do therefore, if your olive tree has actually been planted too low, is to replant the plant but this time keeping it with the collar higher than the ground level. This surgery should solve his problems.

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Care to be given to damaged trunks or branches

Violent winds, as well as the weight of snow, are usually responsible for breaking of the branches but also the machines, i Lawn mower and walking tractors can occasionally cause damage to logs. To remedy these damages in the best possible way, they propose themselves 2 types of intervention: the severing of damaged branches and the possible wound care.

Olive tree loses bark - garden

from the description it seems to have been the cold.

I have no doubt that my olive tree has caught cold, but I assure you that:

1- I didn't buy a centenary olive tree in Puglia but a modest one
2-3 years old seedling in the nursery about 8 years ago.

2- have you ever been to Lake Garda? Try to visit it and you will find
many olive groves and related olive and oil culture in the area. It sure won't be
comparable to that of other areas.

What Monica says is true, what You say about that is also true
which concerns Lake Garda, on those slopes the climate is milder.

As for your olive tree if the low temperatures have
abruptly exceeded 0 degrees C there is a risk that cellular water
have ice cream and then goodbye plant. Or it may have triggered
the supercooling mechanism for which some olive tissues
they manage not to freeze up to -15 ° C the leaves are part of the organs
which do not resist freezing while mechanical fabrics tess.xilematici
and gems yes.
If I were to notice the detachment of the cortex then that is the symptom
more serious than a possible desiccation.

Leccino and Frantoio are the most resistant cultivars to low temperatures.

Let us know, the days are getting longer (photoperiod) and so are the

for the moment leave this way, at the beginning of the vegetative restart remove the
suckers from the center of the plant and possibly the twigs that are there

86 thoughts on "The diseases of the olive tree"

I would like to know what to use to treat the eye of the peacock or cyclonium of my potted olive plant thanks

I have a seedling of olive on whose leaves for a couple of months I noticed a kind of white wads covered which, however, are mucilaginous when touched. It looks like wadding.
I thought it was due to too much water, but even reducing watering doesn't improve.
What should I do?
Thank you

Hi Anna, in my opinion it is simply cotton cochineal. as a cure you can use white oil to fight against cochineal in general

antonietta. In my beautiful olive tree I find like cotton balls. What can I do. An advice. Thank you .

copper oxychloride at a dose of 500g / 100l

For the peacock's eye you can use Bordeaux mixture (copper sulphate and slaked lime) which is commercially ready for use, copper Oxychlorurop and recently a foliar fertilizer that protects the plant is on the market (Olivopro -Fertirev), leave the plant in a sunny and ventilated place to improve the resistance of the plant

.I would like to know why my olive trees after 3 years have developed almost nothing despite the soil being the semi-mountainous one of the Sardinian coast

You probably have the pH of the soil too low which prevents the nutrients from being assimilated by the plant ... I recommend a soil analysis and check this if so use a fertilizer called lithotame which is based on calcium oxide approximately 500 grams per plant and things should improve

I would like to know what type of pest control I could adopt for the insect that gnaws on the olive stem, how many times to treat in a year.
Thanks for the reply

I have an olive tree with a hollow trunk inside and I find flaky wood I presume there are insects that gnaw them how can I preserve it and fight them ... the dead wood inside I have to eliminate it I cannot access it by any means

my olive tree in this period is losing all its leaves. it's normal? or is the plant sick and dying? what can I do?

Hi I would need an information, I have a small olive tree in a vase, unfortunately, however, I realized that there is white foam on the branches, I thought it was poplar pollen (since it is blooming in this period) but I was wrong, what could it be? Thanks .

on my plants I notice a bug type bedbug x to be clear the green ones, green but in the back brown color with white dots that pierce the olive. after I have the olives with this hole. what can I do, it's not the fly ... thanks

I have an olive grove of sixty plants mostly of the NARDOLA type (plants of mixed age between about 70 years and those of a few years old.
My problem is LEVERAGE.
How can I fight it?
In the Brindisi area there are many farmers and amateurs like me who have this problem.
What to do to be able to eradicate it ... thanks

Copper oxychloride this is the secret 6 times a year copper in the winter Bordeaux mixture in the summer oxychloride ciaoooo.

I have an olive tree in the garden and I have recently noticed that it is losing all its leaves. also I have noticed that the bark in the branches tends to come off with cracks along the branches. what kind of disease is it and how can I intervene?

hello andrea anchio or your same problem with an olive tree, percaso have you found a solution to this problem? thank you

hello, my olive tree is losing many leaves and is showing some fungal spots on the trunk. what should I do?

how should I open the trunk of a large olive tree attacked inside by an insect that is eroding it and emptying it in the center

Hello, I have an olive tree in the garden where it is all lawn and therefore with watering for the lawn. This year after a particular winter I see the plant with leaves that are not intense green but lighter and would seem to close. What can I do to take care of it. Thank you very much. Antonio

Help, to one of my potted olive tree plants, white foams or powders have appeared on the tips of the twigs, what could I do to eliminate the cause? Thanks to those who have the kindness to give me an answer.

I would like to have information on olive leprosy ... I looked everywhere but I couldn't find any thanks ..

my olive trees are also losing all their leaves (which first turn black, but it is not the peacock's eye, and then fall). what does it mean? how to act?

mine too. What's up!

perhaps it is the fumaggine a fungus that prevents phototizing the plant and that is created only when an insect such as aphids or mites when they sting a sugary substance called honeydew is formed and subsequently, then, the honeydew turns into fumaggine leading to a general deterioration of the plant ... ... use a specific fungicide miraccomando. ONE LAST THING! I THINK IT IS SMOKE THEN I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE ……. I only know that the smoke is brown or black ...

Save, I would like some advice on how to care for the olive tree,
I have an olive grove in Olbia, there are 30 plants, initially I planted them to beautify my land, but then since they produce many olives every year and therefore I would like to make oil, there is the problem
that olives are always sick and therefore fall to the ground early, can you help me solve this problem? thank you and cordially greet you.
Lucia Saporito

hello lucia, to give a precise answer it would take some photos and some data on the climate and the type of soil, as well as on the variety of olive trees cultivated. you can send me the material to this mailing address:
[email protected]

I have an olive tree about 7 years old yesterday I noticed that it has a type of long hairy white mold and under the animals that I cannot understand it forms at the intersection of the branches what should I do

Hi, I have a potted olive tree. I am watering it with a timer sprinkler activated every 8 hours for one minute with drop of water drop by drop in a pot of about 40cm in diameter x 50cm ... for some time I have noticed that the leaves become lighter only for a third of leaf (the one towards the tip).
what could he need? does it need more water? Thanks, Cristano

Hi, I don't understand why my olive trees in this period are losing so many small fruits, and yet I did the necessary treatments for the moth, maybe I was in the wrong period, or even other types of insects that make my little OLIVES fall. THANKS FOR ANY ANSWER.

I heard that to fight the olive fly it is enough to put a "Sardinian" in a bottle and attach it to the tree. If this is true, the sardine must be salted or not and in what period must this be done

Hi I have an olive grove of 70 plants of Carolei and Reginella, I noticed in this period that some Carolei olives have been created with purplish cuts I would like to know about it, if it is a disease, and possibly how to treat it.
I await your reply.
Thank you in advance and I take this opportunity to extend my greetings.

Good morning. two years ago we made oil with olives harvested from our eight olive trees. For us it was a great success. This year they were perfect until a few days ago: now they are sick, they curl up, there is a large quantity of fly. We thought the yellow signs would save us from this problem. The oil mill we know, here near Genoa, opens only after October 15th. They will all be thrown away! I don't think it will be possible to choose them one x one! besides in a week it will be too late. We should have collected them first.

good morning Carla. I also use traps for the olive fly. based on my modest experience the advice I give you is that when you start to see the flies in the yellow card (trap x flies) if you want to collect olives you have to start doing treatments with specific medicines I count the moscadelle olives respecting the deadlines I greet you and I hope I have been of help bye

Hi, my olive tree has a fungus or a white mold in various points of the trunk…. Help!! Thank you

Good morning,
I have an olive tree of about 10 years in the garden in a not too sunny and a little humid area, the bark has detached and white mushrooms are forming on the trunk, I tried to remove them but they have reformed.
what to do? thank you

Hello, I have some olive trees attacked by "leprosy". I would like to know how I can fight it and also learn more about the cure and therefore how to prevent a future problem. Thanks, kindly await your reply.

Is it true that olive trees cannot live near cypresses?
thank you

Hi, I have a few years old olive tree in the garden. Unfortunately it was attacked by woodworm after having stacked fresh wood a short distance away.
How can I fight it. I await your response. Thank you.

Sorry I have a problem I have 70 olive trees but they can't pollinate themselves so I still have flowering until September and mid-October. How can I help them pollinate? if you have any advice1

Hello I would like some advice, I have an olive tree that in September was transplanted into our garden, the position is a bit in the shade. The olive tree has been losing its leaves for 3 months, and the others are dry, I would like to ask what should I do ? Is the plant dead? Does it hit the shadowy position? Should we prune it? My father-in-law says no it's worse! Is he right? Help us !! Thanks and goodbye.

I would like to know how to beat the woodworm of the olive tree, also the leaves are pimbo gray
thank you

I have olive trees one of which is drying both in the leaves and in the branches but not in the trunk is A PLANT about four years old what can this depend on? thank you

Good morning. I have an olive grove in Tuscany, I would like to ask you for an opinion. Some branches are drying up, the leaves are starting to dry up and gradually the whole branch. hundred of a thousand plants.I found similar situations in olive groves in the same area. I would very much appreciate your opinion. THANK YOU

Good morning …… .on my 2 year old olive tree, the leaves turn yellow…. Some …… .is a problem? Thank you.

Good morning, I have an olive grove in Sardinia with 50 trees, for some time the olives have a dark spot, and gradually they all become dark as they fall, what problem can that be? Waiting for your reply, thank you in advance.

I ask you why my olives take
black color in part. and many are bruised, What is it that is being created?

Lunigiana Massa Carrara 05/10/2011
Virgilio Filippi
I have an olive grove of 60 trees.
IN Spring year lost many leaves and
now the fruit is turning black and
falls is all sick.
What can I do? Yours sincerely Thanks

hi I wanted to know how I can cure an olive tree that is drying up all the bark falls

Good morning
I have about thirty olive trees, this year I collected the olives and, since the mill is slow to press me, I placed them in a ventilated area on sheets.
despite this I noticed that under the olives there are worms resembling small grains of rice.
someone can tell me if they are still good to squeeze or should I throw them away?
thank you

I also picked my olives and there are small worms in the shape of a grain of rice. What needs to be done so that it does not reappear again next year

hi, I have about ten olive trees and they are all full as if they had mange, the fruit is very small and hard to drop and the oil is also bitter. I do not do chemical treatments only pruning, I need your advice, thank you, I wait for an answer .... hello

Hi, I have about ten olive trees in pots and some of them for a few months seem to have been affected by cyclonium: the leaves dry up and fall off. The strange thing I noticed, however, is that the leaf is half dry and there is no characteristic peacock eye shape. So what happens to the plants? I look confident in your advice. Sincerely

if there is the possibility of knowing what they are, certain protuberances (resembling leeks, present in multitude above the branches of the olive tree, thanks for your kind cooperation.

hi I have an olive tree where the woodworms have settled… .. I pruned the whole plant until it was almost cut off, as I was told at the consortium…. but the olive tree no longer sprouts ... .. it needs to be planted, what should I do. thank you

hi my name is max I moved an olive tree about 4 years old but a few days later the leaves turned black. what should I do

It is fumagine ... fumagine and a set of fungi that go to undermine the honeydew of insects (excrements that stain the plant with a sticky substance) or even in the case of strong nitrogen fertilizations ... the best thing you can do to eliminate the the problem is to take the Marseille soap (that hard tile to be clear) you throw it about a pound on 15 liters of hot water you dissolve it well once it has cooled down by means of a verdigris machine wash the plant ... The more you make it drip of soapy water the better and you will see that the fumage will disappear after which a nice cupric treatment on the leaves

On the branches of my olive tree (on Lake Garda) some ... how to say ... FORUNCOLI have recently appeared, they are like a hemisphere, as big as the tip of a female little finger. It seems to me that they weren't there before. what can it be? Thank you. Luigino

Hello, I planted a young plant, white "parasites" appeared near the flowers, so I think, slimy and gelatinous. I can find out what they are and if they are harmful and eliminate them.

hello I would like to know why the olive tree that I have been away from home for more than 6 years and it was already big when I planted it is drying up some branches from the tip .. what disease can it be and what product should I use?

Difficult to say, the best thing you can do, however, is to remove the dry tips, treat with copper and make a nice fertilization with urea in order to favor new vegetation ... to fertilize and if you do not want to burn your garden I advise you to drill holes in more or less one meter from the stem on the circumference of the plant 40 cm deep

I have an olive tree plant purchased at the supermarket in a vAso on the balcony on the 5th floor: the afternoon is very sunny. It is the second year and it has grown well, it had some flowers in the spring but none of the fruit. Now I have noticed that the tips of the various branches are "eaten" and dry: I have not noticed any parasitic animals.
Can anyone give me information and advice for remedies?

Good morning.
I want to know what causes a long black stripe on the trunk of the olive tree, which also moistens the bark. Looking at it, it looks like it was burned by a small fire or as if it were black smoke, but it has nothing to do with it.

It can be wood cancer in these cases you have to remove the affected part until you get to the clean part which will then be protected with mastic from grafts

i have olive trees and i have noticed that some plants are invaded by leeks. what can i do to fight it? And what is this type of plant disease called.

Leeks? Wood ball species? If so it is olive tree mange which is a bacterium that enters from the wounds ... the wounds can be caused by hailstorms or mechanical organs (pruning, milling, olive harvesting) so the only thing you can do is to leave the plants affected by mange both to collect the olives and to prune them then by pruning remove as much as possible of the affected part and burn it where it is not possible to do so (if they were present on the stem or main branches) remove the mange ball clean the affected part mange by bringing the wood back clean and then disinfect the cut with graft mastic or copper oxychloride diluted in poka water and apply it with a brush ... Then remember that every vote that is hailed or you finish picking olives or pruning treats with of the copper I recommend the blue copper of the timac 150 ml for 100 lt

I live in Tuscany and my family owns an olive grove. In the last harvest, for reasons of time, we had to leave two olive trees. Last week walking among the olive trees, I saw that the remaining olives were still nice, firm and well attached, to which I thought of collecting them and putting them in salt and then putting them in the oven and keeping them in oil.After a couple of days that they were in the basket with the coarse salt, I found the worms underneath. olives are still there that slowly throw out the worms. Do I have to throw everything away? I read that they are not synonymous with dirt because they feed on the pulp that is healthy. But even the thought of eating them makes me a little sense ... .. Give me some advice.The olives I made in November were so good.
Thank you

Throw them away ... the olives that are not intact are impossible to keep the worm eats and the process of rotting begins so if you care about your health ...

I have 26 olive trees and someone took the whim (I don't know how) to make them dry by blowing a bit of bark into the trunk and I don't know if they put any medicine
I would like to save these olive trees
how can I do?
who can i contact?

Good morning,
in spring I bought a small olive tree in a pot that is giving me a lot of satisfaction, in fact it has flowered and has held 10 olives that are growing and maturing. For a few days, however, I have noticed that the new leaves, from the tip to the middle are becoming lighter almost "latte" and tend to fall. I don't want him to die, help me. Thank you. Monica

Good morning
I kindly ask to know the remedy for olive trees with tuberculosis, we have hundreds of olive trees with this disease (in Algeria) they tell me that it is a contagious disease and that I must eliminate and burn all the trees
Thanks in advance
Yours sincerely
G. Mohsen

I have the bark of an olive tree that was scratched with the nails by a cat or more, now a white fungus with a texture like rubber has formed on the main branches, and then cracks have formed in different parts of the plant, then I noticed that there are also very small snails planted inside the bark, almost not to be seen, not knowing how to solve the problem I used soap and water as a disinfectant, but I have not solved the problem, therefore I kindly ask the solution from your experience what can I to do to overcome this problem. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you… ..

answer x all.
contact the order of agronomists and ask why in recent years they have dedicated themselves to other tasks instead of training valid technicians in the area who can have satisfaction after years of study and help the community in these and other problems that are serious in themselves but if neglected they can become tragic for the economy of the sector.
provided that they will deign to answer you.

I have a small olive tree for a few months and for a few weeks it is losing the leaves that are half dry, I would be sorry to lose it, what can it be? Thanks

hello I am willing to hear any advice. I keep a centuries-old tree and now all the branches with the olives are drying up

I need some advice .. I have some olive trees that peels off the bark as if they were dry. What can I do to him? can they be cured? with what??

About the sick olive trees of Puglia. Since it seems that evil "prefers" old olive trees with trunks rich in old bark flakes where insects can easily nest to lay larvae. What would happen if these "voids" were filled with milk of lime and nothing else? Could pesticide producers be angry given the low cost of lime?
HAPPY 2014!

Almost three months after my previous message, I allow myself to come back to find out from those who live in the area of ​​the sick olive trees the evolution of the situation. I am from Salento, but I live in Northern Italy. So, I would be able to the GOOD INFORMED of the zone of the OLIVE TREES, who writes on this FORUM, if he would say something… thanks.

Hello. I have two olive trees that have been hit by strange green insects of about three cm that are literally devouring the leaves. There are so many and they fly. From an internet search, I may have identified them as cantharides. How can we eradicate them? I had confirmation that it is most likely that insect with the stench that hasn't even let us breathe for about three days. Help me!

I'M SORRY! I do not know this insect but based on your descriptions maybe they are bedbugs !! maybe if you tell me the symptoms that the olive tree is having, I could help you ... ..

I have an olive tree for a year of life in a vase this winter I am losing some droplets that look like resin is sticky in between time there are small white dots which of you can tell me what it is

I have an olive tree that for a few days I have noticed the beetle Clytus Acuminatus on the branches and on the trunk. What should I do? I would like to use the most natural intervention possible if possible

Hi, I have a problem with my olive tree .... it was transplanted last October ... and until spring it was fine .... then from there it began to dry the leaves ... one tells me copper green ... the other fertilizer. .. a radical mushroom… .in short, I don't know what to do… I'm sorry to lose it xke it's a memory of my mother who died 2 years ago… you can help me. .. thanks sandro

or the olive trees that are dropping olives how can I stop the fall

and very interesting for incompetent people for us thanks

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Canker fungus maple tree bark disease

Several types of fungi will cause cancer on a maple tree. These fungi are the most common maple bark diseases. They all have the same thing in common, which means they will create lesions (also called cancers) in the bark, but these lesions will look different depending on the carcinogenic fungus affecting the maple bark.

Nectria cinababine cancer - This maple tree disease can be identified by its pink and black shorts on the bark and typically affects parts of the trunk that were weak or dead. The latter can become slimy after rain or dew. Occasionally, this fungus also appears as red spheres on the bark of the maple tree.

Nectria galligena ulcer - This maple bark disease will attack the tree while it is dormant and kill the healthy bark. In spring, maple leaves a slightly thicker layer of bark over the fungus-infected area and then, the following dormant season, the fungus will kill the bark again. Over time, the maple will develop a cancer that looks like a pile of paper that has been split and removed.

Eutypella cancer - Cancers of this maple mushroom look similar to canker of Nectria galligena, but the layers on the canker are usually thicker and do not come off easily from the tree trunk. Also, if the bark is removed from the cancer, there will be a visible light brown layer of fungus tissue.

Valsa cancer - This maple trunk disease will normally only affect young trees or small branches. Cancers of this fungus will look like small depressions on the bark with warts in the center of each and will be white or gray.

Steganosporium cancer - This maple tree bark disease will create a black, brittle layer on the tree bark. It only affects bark that has been damaged by other maple problems or diseases.

Crypto Cancer - poriopsis - Cancers of this fungus affect young trees and start as a small, elongated ulcer as if someone has pushed some of the bark into the tree. As the tree grows, the cancer will continue to grow. Often, the cancer center can bleed during spring lymph onset.

Bloody cancer - This maple tree disease causes the bark to appear moist and is often accompanied by some bark moving away from the maple tree trunk, especially further down the tree trunk.

Basal cancer - This maple fungus attacks the base of the tree and causes the bark and wood underneath to rot. This fungus looks very similar to a maple tree root disease called collar rot, but with collar rot, the bark typically doesn't fall off the base of the tree.

Galls and Burls

It is not uncommon for maples to develop growths called galls or burl on their trunks. These growths often appear as large warts on the side of the maple tree and can grow to enormous size. While often alarming to see, galls and briars do not harm a tree. That said, these growths weaken the tree trunk and can make the tree more susceptible to falling off during windstorms.

Environmental damage to maple bark

While not technically a maple tree disease, there are several damages caused by the climatic and environmental bark that can happen and it can appear that the tree has a disease.

Sunscald - Sunscald occurs most frequently on young maple trees, but can happen on older maples that have thin skin. It will appear as a long, discolored or even bark-free stretch on the trunk of the maple tree and sometimes the bark will crack. The damage will be on the southwest side of the tree.

Frost cracks - Similar to sunscald, on the south side of the tree cracks, sometimes deep cracks appear in the stem. Queste crepe da gelo si verificano più comunemente nel tardo inverno o in primavera.

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Bisogna saper come disinfettare le ferite, con poltiglia bordolese concentrata al 3%, preferibilmente durante la stagione secca e quando l’albero non sia umido. Successivamente bisogna stuccarle, per evitare possibili infezioni da crittogame, così come l'invasione di uccelli o insetti o persino dell'acqua piovana. In caso contrario, l'infezione potrebbe estendersi attraverso la fessura e creare del marciume discendente, secco or umido.

Questo platano ha patito molte vicissitudini e gli rimane solo la corteccia. La stuccatura con un prodotto cicatrizzante è una misura estetica del tutto inutile (persino controproducente) per I'albero. Se I'albero non si trova in una zona pericolosa, I'unica cosa che è opportuno sperare è che il platanofinisca i suoi giorni degnamente. Sicuro che ha già svolto completamente il suo ruolo. In nessun caso si deve riempire la cavità con cemento come spesso si può vedere.

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