Proper cultivation of Emerald Stream f1 cucumber

Proper cultivation of Emerald Stream f1 cucumber

Cucumbers are perhaps the most popular garden crop in the world. Their demand encourages breeders to invent new improved varieties. These innovative varieties include the Emerald Stream cucumber variety., which fascinates with its name alone.

Description and characteristics of the variety Emerald Stream

This varietal variety is a popular early-maturing hybrid.

We owe his birth to the Moscow breeders I.N. Dubinina, S.V. Dubinin and A.N. Lukyanenko. This variety was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation in 2007.

It positions itself as a very versatile crop that can be grown both outdoors and in greenhouses. The growth of this plant is possible in all regions of our vast country.

Culture fit for cultivation both in the spring-summer period, and in the summer-autumn season.

The plant is resistant to summer heat, as well as spring and autumn coolness. The harvest begins to be harvested 40-45 days after planting the seeds.

The plant is very unpretentious in care, vigorous, requires a mandatory garter... For this, mesh, trellis and any other supports are suitable.

Leaves are rich green. On one bush, 4-5 fruits can form at the same time.

Cylindrical fruits, longare often curved. The tuberosity is average. In length, the fruits can reach up to 50 cm, but at the same time they are very thin and graceful. The largest fruits weigh up to 300 grams.

The peel is thin, rich green color, with barely noticeable whitish stripes. The taste of vegetables is excellent: the fruits are sweet and juicy, crispy and aromatic. Genetically, there is no bitterness in cucumbers.

Productivity is high... With normal care, up to 7 kg of ripe fruits are harvested from one square meter. Fruiting is very long, the plant actively bears fruit until the first frost and snow.

This variety can be grown not only in open areas and in greenhouses, but also on balconies. Only in this case it is worth considering the fact that the plant is tall and powerful and it will need quite a lot of space.

The taste of vegetables is excellent... It is best to use them fresh, in the form of salads. It is not only tasty, but also very convenient because one cucumber can be used to make a salad for the whole family.

The taste of the fruit is in perfect harmony with lightly salted, salted, or pickled form. But large sizes do not always allow you to place cucumbers in jars, except by cutting them into several parts.

But in the form of salads rolled up in jars for the winter period, this variety is quite acceptable. Cucumbers will be juicy and crispy in any form.

This culture high resistance to drought and temperature extremes is genetically inherent, as well as to various diseases, including downy mildew. This variety bears fruit well even in the shade.

Reviews of vegetable growers indicate that this variety is not to the taste of spider mites and aphids.

Even if there are other varieties of cucumbers growing in the vicinity of the Emerald Stream, which have been infested with aphids and ticks, our variety will be unaffected.

The most delicious are fruits up to 25 cm, they are very tender and sweet. Vegetables must not be allowed to overgrow more than 50 cm.

Otherwise, vegetables will begin to thicken, crack and turn yellow, significantly losing their taste.

Advantages and disadvantages of cucumber

This type has many advantages:

  1. High productivity.
  2. Excellent taste of the fruit.
  3. Long terms of fruiting.
  4. Resistance to various diseases and pests.
  5. Versatility in fruit growing.
  6. Long shelf life.
  7. Drought resistance and cold resistance.

But our variety also has its drawbacks:

  1. Possibility of root rot.
  2. The relatively large size of the fruit, which creates certain inconveniences when preserving.

Growing features

There are two ways to grow our vegetable: seed and seedling... Experienced vegetable growers advise growing the crop in several stages, long fruiting times will allow this to be done.

To begin with, you can grow seedlings and in the phase of 3-4 true leaves you can plant them in a greenhouse.

This can be done as early as March. The next step is to grow cucumbers in open soil.

Soil requirements

Plants are planted in open ground only after the end of night frosts. In this case, the soil should warm up to 15-18 degrees.

No matter how you grow, the soil must be breathable... The site for the future planting of cucumbers needs to be fertilized in the fall.

To do this, the soil is cleared of weeds and last year's plants, then any organic fertilizer is applied and only then dug up.

If it was not possible to feed the site in the fall, you can do this in the spring.

Landing features

It is necessary to plant seeds in the soil after thoroughly loosening it. 3-4 plants are placed on one square meter.

The seeds are planted in the holes without deepening them by more than 3 cm. Experts recommend planting 2-3 seeds in each hole... If all sprout, then it is necessary to thin out the seedlings.

Plant care

Organic fertilizers, nitrogen and phosphorus, are excellent fertilizers. It is strictly forbidden to use chlorine-containing fertilizers.

You need to feed the plant throughout the growing season. Suitable for this slurry, urea solution, superphosphates.

Any kind of cucumber loves cleanliness. Therefore, the site must be regularly removed from weeds and loosened the soil.

Cucumbers are 90% water, therefore regular watering is vital for them... For our variety, watering should be plentiful, since the size of the fruits is impressive.

Water the plant in the evening with lukewarm water. But you must not allow excessive stagnation of water under the bushes. This is fraught with rotting of the root system.

Diseases and pests

Emerald Stream is renowned for its high resistance to cladosporium disease, downy mildew and other common diseases.

In extremely rare cases the plant can infect aphids, or spider mites... You need to fight them with the help of special insecticides.

But here root rot, this kind of cucumber is very susceptible... To prevent this from happening, you should follow all the recommendations for watering and avoid stagnation of water under the bushes.

Harvesting and storage

The crop must be harvested daily or every other day.... Ripe fruits are picked carefully so as not to damage the ovary. The harvested crop is stored in a cool ventilated area.

Cucumbers Emerald Stream will provide you and your loved ones with an excellent harvest of tasty and aromatic fruits until the first frost. It is only important to adhere to the above rules and recommendations.

Cucumbers Emerald Stream F1: An ideal early variety for salads.

Sooner or later, our summer residents "come" to the fact that they gradually begin to "displace" fruit bushes or flowers from their gardens a little, planting their favorite vegetables in this place. And, of course, cucumber almost always becomes an obligatory “neighbor”. This culture is simply great in salads and, to be honest, it is great for pickling and other types of processing.

Of course, not all housewives have the opportunity, and sometimes even the desire, to tinker with conservation. Therefore, if you also belong to the category of such, it may be worth paying more attention to the varieties intended specifically for salads. A big "plus" of such plants is the size of the zelents, and if you also choose the right seeds, then the yield will be very high. An excellent example illustrating such indicators is the Emerald Stream cucumber variety.

Cucumber Emerald Stream F1

The variety will be useful for those who want to get earlier harvests. Already after 44 - 48 days you will be able to harvest the first harvests and carry the greens directly to the table. The Emerald Stream cucumber variety is a partheno-carpic hybrid that will "feel" great both in an open garden bed and under a film cover.

The plants of this variety are quite vigorous, but at the same time weakly plaited. The flowering type of bushes is mainly female. After the fruits ripen, you can collect from the garden a lot of elongated-cylindrical dark green cucumbers with a thin delicate skin. In addition, such greens have a lumpy structure and small seed chambers, which is important, since the fruits have that salad purpose. By the way, as already mentioned, cucumbers of this variety are quite long. Just imagine that one such green plant can "stretch" up to 30 - 50 centimeters, while remaining very tasty, fragrant and tender.

In addition, the cucumber Emerald Stream F1 and other undeniable advantages, including:

- shade tolerance
- continuous and long fruiting period
- cold resistance
- resistance to many diseases, including powdery mildew.

Growing the Emerald Stream

In general, the cultivation of this hybrid hardly differs from the actions aimed at obtaining the harvest of other varieties of cucumbers. But, you can still make a short list of simple recommendations that will help you achieve your ultimate goal:

- sowing seeds should not be earlier than the tenths of April
- the distance between seeds in the garden should be about 10 centimeters
- you can scatter a few pine needles around the ridge, which in this case are an excellent way to fight the bear
- after all the seeds are sown, the bed is covered with a film.
Particular attention should also be paid to the seeds. The main thing to pay attention to is to understand whether the seed is covered with a film. If the answer is yes, you will be able to avoid soaking. But don't worry if you have to start germinating the source material. There is nothing to worry about, use the old and proven method - wet sawdust.

Here, perhaps, are all the "chores" that the Emerald Stream salad cucumber will deliver to you. As a result, you will get wonderful long cucumbers, which, even a little overripe, will remain tender and tasty. Also, remember to put it in a plastic bag when storing it in the refrigerator, otherwise it will become sluggish pretty soon.

The main advantages of the Emerald Stream variety

The Emerald Stream cucumber variety has a number of advantages, among which the main ones are:

  • short growing season
  • excellent taste, ideal for salad
  • long-term fruiting
  • stable and high yield
  • unpretentiousness
  • disease resistance.

Growing features

Gardeners recommend growing Emerald Stream with seedlings. The seed method only applies to warm southern regions. The soil should be saturated with essential trace elements, free and light. If it is not fertile enough, add nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers. Not suitable for cucumbers, is sour, heavy in texture or too moist soil.

Other conditions for the rooting of seedlings:

  • sprouts can be planted in open ground only when the ground heats up to +12 ° C, and the average daily air temperature reaches +15 ° C
  • planting scheme 50x30 cm
  • feeding plants is necessary for the entire growing season with humus mixtures or rotted manure
  • you need to weed the beds regularly.

Spray cucumbers, preferably after sunset, with water at room temperature.

Do not let water hit the plant or severely wash away the soil around it. Loosen the soil after each watering.

Sowing is carried out no earlier than the second decade of April. To raise the temperature in the garden bed, you must cover it with plastic wrap. Gardeners advise scattering pine needles at the planting site: they will scare away the pest of the bear. Growers note that the variety shows a high germination rate. Plants form quickly and steadily if you don't forget about watering.

To achieve maximum yield, it is helpful to manually shape the bush. If we stimulate the development of side shoots, then the number of fruits and the duration of their formation will increase. In general, this hybrid is a great opportunity to eat early and very tasty cucumbers, as well as pluck them from the bush before the first autumn frosts. With all its advantages, the Emerald Stream variety remains unpretentious: it can grow in not the most favorable conditions and bear fruit without the obligatory quivering care.

To get the best quality and high yield, cucumbers need to be fed during the growing season, giving preference to rotted manure and humus mixtures.

  1. Watering in the evening using warm water. Do not allow water to enter the aerial part of the plant or be washed out with strong ground currents above the root system.
  2. After each watering or rain, it is desirable to carry out surface loosening of the soil. Cucumber beds need to be weed-free, so considerable attention should be paid to weeding.
  3. Gardeners should take into account that this variety of cucumbers forms quite a few side shoots, but the correct formation of a bush contributes to an increase in their number, which has a beneficial effect on the yield and duration of fruiting.
  4. Harvesting should be done daily or every other day. Ripe fruits are carefully torn off so as not to damage the ovary. Store harvested culture in a cool, ventilated area.

Cucumbers Emerald Stream will provide you and your loved ones with an excellent harvest of tasty and aromatic fruits until the first frost. It is only important to adhere to the above rules and recommendations.

"Emerald Stream" - a cucumber for the whole family!

I bought the seeds of this cucumber quite by accident. I walked around the shopping center, took from the window the packages of seeds I liked and read what was written about them there. When I saw a packet of Emerald Stream seeds, at first I thought that they had survived, Chinese cucumbers are already being sold by seeds and moved on. But the packaging remained in front of my eyes, making it difficult to concentrate, and I returned to read what was written about them there. I needed parthenocarpic cucumbers, bees and wasps with us in the daytime with fire, not that before. To my surprise, these seeds turned out to be just like that. But at the bottom I saw a line: the appointment is salad and hung the bag in place. When I reached out for the bag for the third time, I laughed at myself and decided, okay, I'll take it for a test, since it won't let go. As a result, I left the store with a weighty pack of different seeds, among which a packet of "Emerald Stream" was modestly lost.

Meet: cucumber "Emerald Stream", parthenocarpic hybrid for open ground and film shelters.

I grow cucumbers in a seedling way, on April 15, I planted cucumbers in boxes and took them to a greenhouse. The temperature outside is +15, in the greenhouse +27, everything started well. And then continuous cataclysms began! Poor cucumbers, what have they gone through! Not only frosts, but also a week of continuous subzero temperatures, when in the greenhouse it was necessary to build a greenhouse over the hatching cucumbers and cover with several layers of spunbond.

To be honest, I really thought they would not survive, but to my surprise, they survived safely in such a cold.This was the first plus, they did not stretch out, under such and such a layer of spunbond, this is the second plus, but like all the seedlings, they froze in anticipation of warmth.

The cold snap and the rains dragged on so long that I landed the Emerald Stream along with other cucumbers only on May 30th. The bag said that they are resistant to powdery mildew, shade-tolerant and cold-resistant, so I planted them near the end of the greenhouse, just in 2 rows, it is much cooler here than inside the greenhouse and the shade from the house closes the sun from 12-00.

At first, they differed little from other cucumbers, were capricious, the lower leaves turned yellow from the difference in day and night temperatures and the absence of the sun. I watered them as needed, sprayed them several times with phytosporin, fed them with nettle infusion with ash.

Over time, the leaves of the cucumbers acquired a dark color and increased in size.

On the left is a cucumber leaf "Miracle crunch", on the right "Emerald Stream"

Bloomed on June 18, at first only male flowers bloomed, and a few days later female ovaries appeared from the sinuses. They grow quickly, the color of the fruits is dark green, lumpy, the length is from 30 to 50 cm.The first cucumber appeared almost at the root


It has grown to 47 cm, if you wish, you can grow even more, but the skin will become very rough, and other cucumbers followed it


The first harvest from 2 bushes, put a spoon for comparison

The whole family tasted cucumbers. I cut only one into slices, the largest, look how many slices turned out, with all the desire to eat it alone!

They tasted sweet, very aromatic, cannot be compared with store-bought long-fruited cucumbers. The seeds are small, even in an overgrown cucumber, the seed chambers are small

cut cucumber

Everyone liked the taste of Emerald Stream so much that they ask to make a salad only with it, I like crunching a cucumber, just grump, grump it, and it doesn't end!
This cucumber has a long and continuous fruiting period, which means I will enjoy cucumbers for a long time.

A wonderful hybrid "Emerald Stream", I recommend everyone to try this fragrant, sweet cucumber.

The most demanded varieties

The more popular with us are not the varieties that came to us from China, but those that were bred later. These hybrids are better adapted to northern climates.

Chinese snake

The main advantage is that the first crop can be harvested within 35-37 days after germination. From 1 sq. m you can collect up to 15 kg of cucumbers.

Not picky about conditions, resistant to disease. It is necessary to tie up vertically. The plants are vigorous. Fruits are formed during the entire growing season. They reach a length of 60 cm and a weight of up to 300 grams. It is usually used for salads due to its delicate taste.

Emerald Stream F1

An early ripe hybrid. The period before fruiting is about 45 days. From 1 sq. m you can collect up to 8 kg of fruit. It grows mainly in greenhouses, but can also bear fruit in the ground. Not picky about care, resistant to diseases. Be sure to tie up. Fruiting during the entire growing season. Plants are vigorous, highly branched. Fruits reach 50 cm in length, and weights up to 200 grams. It is used most often fresh.

Chinese cold hardy F1

Bred by Russian breeders. The first fruits appear 50 days after the first shoots. From 1 sq. m you can get up to 10 kg of cucumbers. Not picky about the conditions, but you need to tie up vertically. Vigorous plants bear fruit throughout the growing season, but yield maximum in the first 2 weeks.

Fruits, typical of Chinese varieties, up to 50 cm long and weighing up to 300 grams. Suitable for both salads and canning.

White delicacy

Bred in China. Brings harvest on 45-50 days of growing season. High-yielding (up to 12 kg per 1 sq. M). Not picky about conditions, resistant to diseases. You don't have to tie it up, but the fruits will not be so even. Plants of medium vigor, do not need formation. Fruits are short (up to 15 cm), almost white, weighing up to 120 grams. Suitable for both salads and preservation. Longer shelf life.

So, there is nothing difficult about growing a Chinese cucumber. These varieties will add variety to your menu.

Advantages and disadvantages

In conclusion, I would like to say about the positive and negative qualities of the variety. The positive ones include:

  • the ability to get an early harvest, which can be used both to meet your needs and for sale
  • friendly ripening of fruits
  • strong fruit aroma
  • excellent taste and marketability
  • increased resistance to major diseases
  • large fruits.

But the negative qualities can be considered as follows:

  • unsuitability for conservation
  • overripe fruits lose their taste and give a strong load on the bush
  • you need to regularly apply complex fertilizers
  • in case of waterlogging of the soil, it is affected by root rot.

Cucumbers are grown mainly in seedlings. Only in the southern regions does the climate allow sowing seeds directly into the ground.

From the above, we can conclude that the cucumbers of the Emerald Stream variety, the cultivation of which has its own subtleties, are quite worthy to occupy a place in the garden. Some of the shortcomings are fully compensated by the taste of young cucumbers and their appetizing appearance. Even novice summer residents and gardeners are quite capable of growing such a miracle in themselves and delighting their families with an early harvest.

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